A new and exciting way of selling your home...

A new and exciting way of selling your home...

Basically it means setting a day and time when you launch your home to all the interested parties, rather than allowing viewings sparingly over several weeks.

In the early stages of house hunting most buyers usually wish to avoid immediate involvement with an estate agent. As with a first trip to a retail store, they are 'just looking.' Their reasons for this are:

  1. They want control over their own purchasing habits
  2. They don't want to be pressured into things
  3. It's fun for them to discover a product on their own
  4. They don't trust salespeople much

An Open House is the perfect environment for setting the opportunity for sellers to SHOWCASE their property to a large number of interested buyers in a short period of time. It is an excellent way for buyers to view a house in relaxed surroundings, without needing to make an appointment or feel pressured by an estate agent.

Can I attend?

Anyone can attend an open house even if their property is not on the market. Tell all your friends, family and colleagues even neighbours.

Why attend?

If you are looking to move it is a great way to see what we can do for you. Our representative will be on hand to assist your every concern.

What to do next?

Just turn up on the day, no appointment necessary! We look forward to seeing you. Look out for the Open House sign.